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Irish Junior VIII Champions, 1963

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Irish Junior VIII Championship, 1963 ~ On Friday 19th July 1963, the race for the Irish Junior VIII Championship of Ireland took place at the 101stCappoquin Regatta. This was the first occasion that a Championship event took place on the River Blackwater. Out of a field of five crews the unbeaten Garda crew went on to win in spectacular fashion. Micheal Johnston recalls this great victory:

The first maiden crew, with a few survivors from the previous year won three maiden races early in the year, and then moved up to race an early Junior Championship at Cappoquin — for experience, mainly, because the coaches didn’t know how much higher the standard might be. Cappoquin was a new experience for the coaches: a lorry in an open field as a grandstand, and a big wide start on the tidal Blackwater, which narrowed as the race proceeded upstream: what would happen if the crews all remained level? Fortunately we didn’t have to find out the answer, because Garda stretched away to win the title. They went on to win it for five years in a row, the longest sequence before or since for the Junior (now the Intermediate) Pot.

Irish Junior VIII Champions, 1963

Bow     Tony Walsh                              (5)        Tom Collins

(2)        Bill Somers                               (6)        Bill Quane

(3)        Vincent Cronnolly                     (7)        Bill Rooney

(4)        Donal Riordan                          Str.      Bill Curry

Cox                 Bernard Byrne

Coaches          Micheal Johnston and Derry McCaffrey



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