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Irish Junior VIII Championship, 1957

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Irish Junior VIII Championship, 1957 ~ On Thursday 25th July 1957, the Irish Junior VIII Championship was held at Limerick Regatta. Queen’s had beaten us at Athlone and Islandbridge. So when we met them in the semifinal we knew that this was our ‘real’ final. In a closely fought contest we emerged victorious by a quarter of a length and went on to win the final with a convincing performance beating Shannon by three lengths, to retain the title for the third year in a row. Jim Maguire recalls some of the trips to the country:

At the time the Club had very little money. I can remember putting petrol into the car and paying for it out of my own pocket and not being one hundred percent sure that I would be reimbursed by the Club. I can also recall racing in Limerick and calling into the local Garda Station in William Street looking for somewhere to sleep for the night. At the time there was sleeping quarters in the station, we were shown to a room with a row of beds. The dust was an inch thick. I’d say the beds had not been slept in for years. We dusted them down and settled down for the night with some of the lads sleeping on the floor.

Irish Junior VIII Champions, 1957

Bow     Mick Moylan                            (5)        Tom Gardiner

(2)        John Brennan                            (6)        Jim Murphy

(3)        John Hearne                             (7)        John Hickson

(4)        Pat Ryan                                  Str.      John Cuffe

Cox                 Paddy Hoare

Coach             Jim Maguire



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